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What I would do if I were you is stop being obsessed with myself .If I felt there were things about myself I couldn't change ,I would just except it.
You are trying to achieve all your happiness it seems from trying to be something you just aren't.So maybe try achieving happiness from something else.Find a hobby that you enjoy, or find an interesting career. Focus on trying to find pleasure on something other than your looks.Like you have said,you,ve done all you can do so just let nature take its course.And remember as you get older ,your looks do change,and you still could develop into a handome young man.I've seen a lot of what you might call nerdy looking guys get really good looking as they age.
As for the rage problems, try to remember people can only upset you if you [I]let[/I] them.
And so what if your boring.What makes you think all girls want guys with extreme personalities.There are a lot of girls that like the calmness of boring.I know, because I am one of them.I like boring people, as they tend to be more calm and peaceful.I bet your girlfriend likes that quality in you which is another reason why she is probably with you.

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