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Firstly, I am french so that may be why my English is not perfect.

I have been in this relationship for 3 years, we're engaged. Rough, very rough road starting with his ex acting really crazy and creating really scary situations. We were harrassed and I was really traumatized by one episode where she had sent her boyfriend after mine. They have a 10 year old daughter. Do not think we are hillbillies...We are both professionals, well educated and well mannered. She could not take that she could not control him anymore although she had left him. We have had money problems because of relocation-he couldn'd find work for 1 year. I sold my house, moved so he could be closer to his daughter, he legalised the visit rights (my request) to try to get some peace. For 2 years, nothing would do it. Using the daughter etc. I have had depression, and now, I think he is going through one. I just don't recognize him anymore. Mood swings, distant, no intimacy etc. We had a huge fight and he wanted to separate and it's been up and down for almost 2 months. I say something wrong and he bursts. So out of character. He says he just wants to be alone and separate. I left for 1 week because I couldn't take it anymore but up and down still. I told him I am just trying to prevent a huge mistake as I know we are meant to be together. Yesterday "we'll get through it...", today, no news at all. He use to call, email a couple of times a day, now...nothing and he is not warm if I call. I have taken my distances and don't know what to do next. He doesn't want to go see a doctor "I'm not having a nervous breakdown...". I don't know what's going on in his life anymore and we use to be best friends. I am sad, lost, hurt because he has said some mean things and blames me for everything. Selling the house seems drastic and honestly don't want to do it...Help/advice please.

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