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Wow! It sounds like she is jumping to conclusions about things that she shouldn't. It also sounds like you want to move to Spain to keep her happy. I guess you would never know if moving to Spain with her would make things better if you don't try but it sounds like there is no pleasing your girlfriend. If you have to constantly ask her why she is mad at you, that's bad. You seem like a genuine guy and to have to put up with that, doesn't make sense. Moving to Spain is a HUGE step alone in itself but moving there with someone who is unhappy with you all the time..well that could get ugly real quick. Yes, you said she has family there and that could change her but I really doubt it. I mean, what if she doesn't change and she ends up with her family and friends who live there on her side and you are left there alone?

I wish you well, I really do. Good Luck in your decisions
I agree wholeheartedly with Rose. You are going to need all the luck you can get! I spent 16 years with a man who was very similar to your gf, always hoping that he would "see" my point of view, that he would understand how he was hurting me, that he would start speaking to me again when he was mad. One time he went 7 months without speaking to me. (Yeah, don't even ask why I didn't leave -I actually made plans to move out and he eventually "apologised" in his way). Eventually I had to see what everyone else saw - he was who he was and was not going to change, and I needed to cut my losses and find someone who would treat me the way I deserve.

I really wish you the best but I cannot believe you want to waste any more time on a woman of this caliber. You've see how she treats you; you've seen how she treats her own family. What if she has kids?!?!? Do you even consider how she may treat them?!?!? Nothing you say or do is going to soften her; nothing her family says or does is going to soften her. She is who she is.

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