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Thank you again everyone for your support. I hope it doesn't seem as though I am using this board to piss and moan- the entire situation is causing me stress beyond belief. I am literally so sick to my stomach, its in knots and I feel like I'm going to throw up. And as sad as it seems, this message board is making me feel a little better or at least making it so i can sit still. Things are especially bad right now.
Once again another discussion came up about everything and again erupted into a fight. It started on the phone and I was driving, getting upset so I told him I was done talking and hung up. I talked to him again (he called NON STOP till I answered). I told him I would just cancel the claim and he could do it in court. He FLIPPED out (again) and said that if I did that he was leaving me- I said I didn't want that but this is obviously something we wouldn't see eye to eye on and he should do what he saw fit. At this point I stopped talking to him and called the insurance person left a message asking her to please call me because my boyfriend or his mom (pretending to b me) might try to call her and get information about my policy.
After that call I went for a walk by myself and left the phone off to cool down and try to relax. I turned it back on and there were 4 voicemails about and a few texts- all from him. In the 1st message He said he called my insurance person and his lawyer and that the "insurance person" he talked to said that if I cash the check I'll be sued for $20,000 and his lawyer instructed him to call the police. The second message was that he "called the FBI and told them that I have been stealing his prescription meds and I work in the healthcare field". For the record: I DO NOT steal his meds- he gets xanax, and T4's and has a small amount of lortab for the pain in his hand. I admit that I got a couple xanax from him (i have a Dr. order for a small amount myself- I have a little anxiety problem and as you can imagine I am stressed and anxious lately), He has given me 1/2 a lortab and maybe 3 T4's over the last few days because I have been having pain in my teeth, But stealing his meds......uh no. Call 3 was to tell me that he called 2 differant Police departments and told them "all about me".
anywhoo, The last phone call from from my employee saying that a man called and was rambling on about me, FBI and controlled substances!! He called my friggin JOB! She said she could barely understand him but thought I should know. I told her that it was my boyfriend acting like an asshole and told her I was sorry that she was dealing with calls like that. I am SO friggin embarassed that he called my job. He was probably talking out his a** trying to scare me or get me to give in about most of it- but calling my JOB- thats just beyond.

So that brings me to where I am now- at my moms house and done with him. I did speak to him a little while ago- he knows its over and knows that I will be there to get my stuff. This isn't the first time but it is for darn sure the LAST time I am putting up with him. I should have left a long time ago, like about 4 months ago when he bugged out in the middle of the night, shoved me around and put a shotgun in my face while he was all messed up on several differant prescription meds at once. His psych doctor gave him all kinds of meds all at the same time- like 10 different ones (no joke). He would go to his shrink to "see what he could get" then turn around and say that he was on all the meds bc I "mess with his head". And yeah stupid me- took him back. He stopped taking his "psych cocktail" and changed completly(or so I thought). He still gets xanax, T4's and Adderall, but rarely takes them- he peddles most of them off to his co-workers or friends.

That was a longer story than I thought...
I am so done I'm crispy. I feel pretty ok considering- could be worse... I could be there with him waiting fir him to explode like he did before and shoot me this time. I'll take this sick, throw-up, headache stomach knotting stress anyday.

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