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OK so here's the gist of it- once a month my boyfriend gets to visit his daughter. She lives over 4 hours away so it makes sense to stay in a hotel by her home. It's pretty pricey between the hotel, gas, food and enterainment for everyone and he feels that I should start paying for more things when we go (I'll usually buy the dinners, lunches). This is becoming an area of contention with us and I just want some feedback to see if I'm out of line for disagreeing with him on this. He seems to think it's a free "mini-vacation" for me every month when we go away- it's not.
I see the situation like this- 1st of all it's HIS CHILD, not mine. If we wern't together I wouldn't be going there every month. I have to take time off from work to go. I have to be up and out of the house by 7a-I do all the driving, because he has no car or license (it's 4 hours or more each each way), I end up being the main enterainment (she's 3 so it's not very into playing with daddy), she's potty training (so guess who gets to go to the bathroom with her?), don't forget bathtime (me again). She's an awesome kid but it is far from a vacation for me. We are with her for just over 24 hours- add the 8 hours driving and it is exhausting. My boyfriend spends some time with her but I do most of the hands on stuff with her. I read her stories- he doesn't. I push her stroller all the time- he kicks the wheels when he pushes her.
I really don't think I should pay for anything more than I already do. I buy food and gifts for her but for him to expect me to pay for the part of the gas, hotel and other stuff just doesn't seem fair to me. I feel like he's asking me to pay for the privledge of watching his child.
Am I outta line \???:dizzy::confused:

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