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HELLO i'm sorry you are going through all this with you and your kids!!! but i have to say this and hope you don't get mad at me for it.i used to be like that to but never ever said i wanted to have sex with someone else that just not right! me and my girlfriend been together for 5 years!!! and plan on longer!!! i used to scream at her to the top of my lungs!!! and where ever she wanted to go some place i wanted to know where she was going!!!! til one day last year when i went home to see my family i have'nt seen for 20 years or more. i got drunk and called her on new year eve to wish her a happy new years!!! and she told me to go f*ck my self. don't ever come back home!!! so i took action in my own hands and told her while drunk that was fine with me like a dumb *ss. i was having problems with my self any way drinking and doing drug while back home(in iowa). well to make a long story short. i got drunk and fell off a bridge ended up in hospital . thats when i decided it was time to see a doctor. and told him that i think i have a insurcerity problem with my girlfriend in n.j. and other problems to. so i started taking meds. like celexa! and antabuse 250 mg. been clean from alcohol and drugs now for 3 mos.been home for 3 mos. i have also went to counseling for all my anger issuse. me and girlfriend doing real good better than was. so the moral of this is it sounds like your man has security problems and wants you up his *ss all the time witch i really don't think it's right you women need your space for you self to not just the men. i learn that from my counseler. women need their privacy to! and to spend time alone some times to. i hope you understand this letter cause it reminds me every day of my life how i treated my girlfriend witch still makes me sad!! and i still to this day don't even think of screaming at her! my dad told me what women want in a relationship and that is they want to be LOVED EVERYDAY NOT YELLED AT!!! and not called names. boy you better remember that and so far i have learn alot from my FATHER. hope this will help your man out to!:wave:

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