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I'll start out saying we've been together 9 years, living together 4 years and have two children together.

He simply does not accept "no" for an answer. He forced me into a day trip to Chicago last month though I didn't want to go. He forces me to family events (though I gladly attend the ones I think are important). He forces me to go with him when he takes our daughter to the pool even though he knows fully well I cannot swim and do not wish to wear a bathing suit 6 months after having a baby.

These are all very minimal in comparison to the other area in which he is very controlling but I cannot discuss in this particular forum. Lets just say he thinks certain aspects of a relationship are a right for him and not a privelage. Last night he ended up screaming and slamming doors and hitting himself and telling me if he did not cheat on me he would have to kill himself (he was drunk but that's hardly an excuse for his behavior).

He is trying to guilt me into giving him what he wants and I am sick of it. He's even sent me to "my room" when I do not comply. I am an adult and I am tired of being treated like a child.

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