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Will I, I wish I could promise you that you will find love, but the horrible, ugly truth that no one wants to say out loud is that not everyone does. Some of us don't. And if we do find it for a moment, or think we have, we lose it. An interview with a particular well known woman is coming out, and in it she talks about how hard it is to find love as well. She says "just when you find the perfect guy, he runs off with a way hot, tattoo covered superstar who collects kids." This woman is beautiful, smart, successful, but lost the love of her life to another woman, about 5 years ago now, and has yet to find love again. I myself am 44 years old, still a virgin, and have dated what feels like every single man in my metro area of about 4 million people, and not one single second date.

We all want love, but the truth is, it's rare, it doesn't happen every day, and it doesn't happen to everyone. And THAT IS's SSOOOO important to not base your self worth, your self esteem, your idea of what your life means and how "normal" or worthwhile you feel by whether or not you have a boyfriend or SO or spouse. Trust me, I know how hard it is. When I was with my ex, I felt "validated" in a way that has been hard to recapture as a single woman. I was normal. I was no longer an unwanted freak, I was not a cast off, I had a place in this world, because someone loved me, or at least I thought at the time that someone did. You have to find ways of giving that feeling of validation and belonging to yourself. Like I said, not easy, but essential that you find ways to carve out your place in this world so you feel whole, fulfilled, accomplished, worthwhile and valid whether or not you have a man. Follow your bliss and find things you care about and pursue those with all your heart and passion.

As for this guy, I think you really need to step back and leave him be. It could be he's still reeling from his divorce/separation, it could be he's just not that into, or some combination of the two, but my honest opinion is, he's just too much work and he's just not emotionally available to you. You will end up breaking your heart over and over and over again over this guy if you keep putting all your hopes in him. Fill your life with people, whether they be romantic possibilities or just friends, male and female, but people who care about you, listen to what you think and feel, laugh with you, who enjoy your company and who let you know where you stand, and who don't leave you feeling confused, scared and unsure.

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