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My uneducated guess would be that he's not capable of dealing with the situation. I would imagine it would be very draining and difficult emotionally for him dealing with whatever is causing your behaviour. A lot of guys would not want marriage with all of this going on and a lot of guys would not have proposed in the first place. Now that your fiance has lost his job he will have a lot of stress and worry over that and any emotional dramas in the relationship could just make him say that enough is enough and he'll be out the door.

You mentioned your grandparents and your parents having issues. There seem to be issues all round. I'm not sure what type of family situation you have grown up in but it doesn't appear to have made you feel good about yourself, nor does it appear stable. Usually if someone is constantly seeking validation that their partner loves them and is going through the type of erratic behaviour, as you are, there is some type of self esteem issue and low self worth and it has likely built up over the years.

I don't feel that there is much you and your fiance can do to fix this all on your own. As i said in my previous post, i believe you need to go through everything on your own with a councellor/therapist/psychologist or whoever it is you see for help. You mentioned thinking it might be ADD. Have you seen a doctor to run tests or to check whether you might have a chemical imbalance which causes BiPolar?

The sooner you set things in motion and do something to help the situation the sooner you will start feeling better. Your fiance will likely be able to relax a bit more and feel better about the relationship and focus on finding a job. I'd also be postponing the wedding until things have improved. The way things are now is not a good foundation/start to married life.

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