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Update anyway.
The one she was texting is no more. I'm sure he tryed something and that was that.
Any we went a week with N/C and when we talked it was still I miss and love you:confused: I broke off all contact after for the first time in my life I got mad at her and told her if you don't freaken love me tell me and I'm gone, her response was I just can't do that. because of the B/S and after one day she called me now 3 days in a row. We talked for hours each time and her 2 biggest problems seem to be I had her on a pedestal, well she was amazing she said it made her feel as though she always had to do better because of it. I gave her flowers, gave her little notes, gave her cards, every few weeks just to tell how good she was.
The other was I was always doing things for her, I thought I was only repaying favors. We picked up each others kids from school, i cooked for her when she worked, cut her grass and so on. She said it made her feel controlled. Well I asked why didn't you say something of this. No answer.
I also found out and I knew she was a member of al-anon but she has started to practice her reading and books again. I have researched and read many of their books, she is living out of them but I think misinterpreting some of it.
Her son is still conning her this I know from school, I know many of the same kids in his class and in week he's skipped many classes already.
Just an update anyway. Our last series conversation was why can't you get over me so we can have a relationship again. What. Oh well

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