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lindsjean - well you sound as though you are heading in the right direction and that's a start :) It's so easy getting caught up in the excitement or lust of it all and we often focus more on that rather than the mundane things. Once all the newness wears off, it's the mundane we are left with and if you don't like what's there then it's not going to last.

I think more people spend more time thinking whether they ought to buy a particular out fit or a pair of shoes than putting the thought into does this relationship tick ALL the boxes or just a couple. I mean, you try shoes on and you think, do they look good, will they hurt/pinch, will they stretch, what if they get wet, will they go with most of my wardrobe, will they be in next season, will they make my partner look short next to me etc etc.

With a new guy we mostly tend to think, he's fun and he looks good, end of story!!

I have to agree with Cath1, yes, internet has made it so much easier for people to have multiple relationships and flit from person to person and find replacement people at the drop of a hat. A lady was recently told by a guy on the net that if she could hold on he'd meet her the following weekend as that weekend he was flying interstate to meet another woman. Oh well, guess at least he was honest!! Not many are though.

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