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Lets turn this around, and think how the old flame might take to you contacting her, out of the blue, decades later. If there was a reunion, or another reason to fall into contact, ok...but it's not like that. She was the one who ended things way back when, so she might find you contacting her as odd, and if you reveal your feelings behind the contact, she could really feel violated. She will sense any agenda you may have, trust me!

Have you considered how she will handle this contact, will she tell her husband, will it threaten him? What if she has not had the wonderful life you have enjoyed, and this really throws a wrench in her life.

Or the very worst case scenario, is that you two begin an emotional affair, and it wrecks everyone.

Of course, it is quite obvious that you do not want to hurt your loving wife, your children, etc. The greatest reward will come when you look back on this, and are proud of yourself for protecting your marriage, and getting through this bump in the road. I would never tell your wife, all she needs to know is that you are her hero, and her man forever.

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