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So I been in a relationship with a guy for almost 3 years now. We have had probably the most complicated relationship one could have. We started off being friends for a year, and I had no interest in him like that. We would talk on the phone all the time and usually we would both come to eachother for advice on current people we were seeing. Pretty much did everything that friend's do. 3 years ago I had been dating a pathological liar, a narcosist, and a cheater and been through alot of emotional abuse from him. After the 1 year mark of me and this guy's friendship i had discovered that my boyfriend at the time had cheated on me again and I was just fed up with him and ready to care about my own needs and not his. So I ended up sleeping with my friend. He seduced me , it definately was not something planned and the weird thing is we had sex before we even kissed! After that he wanted to be more than a friend to me instantly. I was hesitant for a while and not sure that it was the right move to jump into another relationship so quickly, but after we had sex for the first time for a whole month after that he dedicated to proving to me why we should be official. He was so sweet to me, considerate, listened to all my convo's, you know all that crap that guy's do when they first want to be with you. To make a long story short, I accepted his request and here I am still with him after 3 years.

I have to say though, that I am not happy at all with him anymore. About 6 months into our relationship he started taking me for granted, baught a motorcycle started acting like an arrogant dick head on it, went to MC parties and did questionable things, he became "friends" with his ex again and was talking to her for a few months until I told him i was NOT having it and he'd better stop or I'd leave. So he stopped. He continued to do fishy things throughout the relationship to try to prove to his friends that he wasn't "whipped" or that he could do whatever he wanted. Well he was wrong, we came to a cross roads when he went to see a female friend that had been trying to get in the middle of our relationship OVER and OVER and OVER. She was one of the many females who didn't seem to give a shit about him until I came into his life, they were threatened I suppose. So when that happened I broke up with him and told him he disgusted me, and I am not longer to be with a man who takes me for granted. At that point in our relationship he had just been screwing up repetitively and pushing my buttons. I put him back in check by dumping him and not talking to him for a month straight. However he came to my house every day crying and with flowers and telling me that he couldn't live without me and that the only reason he made all those mistakes is because he was in fear that I was going to leave him eventually. Pretty ludacris reason isn't it?

So I got back with him, I will admit that even though I forgave him I did not forget! I began to start talking to my ex boyfriend just because he talked to his ex. i will admit that I did it to partially get back at him but also because I felt that I didn't have closure with him. He found out about it a month later and became heartbroken and almost had a heart attack. I stopped talking to him. Things went on like this off and on because of my underlying resentment of how much he had previously taken me for granted. But than all of that stopped and we both decided to start anew and really forgive and forget.

At that point we were even at screwing eachother over and we just wanted to get passed it and move on! But there is just one little problem. Throughout this whole relationship he has had a sever anger issue. He yells all the time, he curses, he over reacts, he's too impatient. Sometimes he humiliates me in public because of his short temper. I could ask him a question more than once and he will bark at me! I have not excused it throughout the relationship, i have told him over and over that he needed to stop because it's been hurting me really bad and I don't know why it's too much to ask of him to just be a nice pleasent person to be around. He has alot of issues stemming from his past childhood of abuse. I guess you can say I tried to love him unconditionally and sort of understand why he is the way he is, and stick by him to try to get him help. He constantly breaks down when I confront him on the issue and tells me he loves me with all his heart, I'm worth more than anyone else in this world to him, and he beggs me to stay with him and swears he will atleast try to change. Well he hasn't changed at all! he is still an asshole, he has a problem with kicking my dogs when he gets upset... and there are a whole slew of problems that I have with his disrespectful family!!!

Yes this was alot , probably more than any of you can chew. Imagine how I feel. So the question is, do you think I should stay or Go? Do you think I am putting too much of a burden on myself by caring about another so much that I sacrifice my own feelings? Or do you think i have been right to stay with him all this time... I know that this relationship eventually may not last, but do you think I should stay until I find someone new or just be alone?

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