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i'm very frustrated and i dont know what to do.

i have a 4 year old. my ex and i have been separated for over 3 years and we have both moved on. im engaged to a wonderful woman (who is absolutely adored by my little girl). my ex has moved on as well. she is 25 years and 7 months pregnant. she is carrying her 18 year old boyfriend's baby.

i will try my best to state facts and gear towards the objective side of things. ever since me and my ex broke up she has been living with this boy's mother and his siblings. then she moved back in her grandmother's house. the 18 year old lives there too. we live in south carolina and since me and my ex were never married she has full custody of my daughter. we have miraculously in the past managed to agree on child support payments and visitations.

i have tried to get my daughter in the past but unfortunately got laid off. i gave up hope for a little while since my ex, that bf and my daughter are living with the grandmother who has a good head on her shoulders. she calls regularly just to keep me updated. my ex and her bf are always on the go and my daughter is either alone with the grandmother or with me and my fiancee.

the problem arrives today. its my daughter's open house and first day is coming up. i want to be a part of this event however my ex is purposely doing her best to exclude me because she wants to bring her bf. im just so angry. is this my only funtion? to pay childsupport and see my daughter yet not be a part of her life when i want to be?

she refuses to talk. im so ready to drive down there and just beat the crap out of this boy. course my fiancee discouraged me and told me to cool off. i definitely would be arrested for battery. so im resorting to non violent therapy by joining healthboards.

i was so furious with my ex i told her she wont see a dime from me and that from now on i want everything done thru court. she then retaliates back and says i will never see my daughter until court! i need to put my foot down in order to have some form of authority and says so! this is ridiculous! i cant even attend my daughter's first day nor orientation! i want to go there with her. my fiancee is mature enough to comprehend that this is about my daughter. she would be thrilled to have both me and my ex there. i dont even care if my ex brought her stupid 18 year old punk bf. but that is the problem, she doesnt want me there at all.

my ex's grandmother and i even talked and the grandmother herself told my ex that she doesnt want her brining the 18 year old bf to my daughter's orientation! my ex is just so stupid and childish and lacks common sense i feel so hopeless and angry.

she has even been telling my lil girl that this 18 year old boy is her STEP father! this boy doesnt work! has not finished school! he joins my ex and lives off of the grandmother! i wish yall knew how exhausted i am. i have never been so angry and frustrated! why cant i just have a normal ex who prioritizes OUR daughter rather than her selfish and childish needs!

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