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Thank you very much for your comments - it's really helping me through this difficult time.

I should have specified and said that he doesn't look me in the eye when arguing - when we're having conversations on a regular basis he is "normal". However, when telling a story (for example telling his parents how our vacation was - explaining the food, our room, the island, etc.) he would look down and not directly at them except for a quick glance up.

I am trying my hardest to let go of what my family and friends think, but coming from a big group of friends (14 girls from college who are (almost) all getting married; and a big Italian family) who wonder where he is at all these events and it comes to a point where I just say he's not coming. I have even tried planning double dates where it is a small group so that he'll feel more comfortable when we are at larger occasions but we've yet to go on one. I have even been warned by his own mother to be careful of my decisions because it will only hurt me in the end. (I mentioned that his father may have anxiety - but I believe it to be more of a slight depression - he is constantly bringing up sad news that he's heard, or not wanting to go on a cruise unless his entire family is there in case something happens, etc.) His mother has told me that if I don't want to live my life missing events then I should really consider my relationship with him. But I can't imagine my life without him in it.

Yes, he does want kids - boys specifically. Our discussions on our future are great because we can say what we really want and are very open with each other - but the immediate future is what is the issue since those involve plans that he'll have to commit to. He has said that he promises that if I give him at least a year to work out his problems that he will get better at this, but I told him that he should really consider talking to someone who could really help him - help him have a more fulfilling life. His answer to that is that he's the happiest he's ever been and that he doesn't think his problems with anxiety are in the way. And then we enter another argument.

I'm afraid that the only way he'll recognize this as being a serious problem is if I'm gone and he realizes that he lost what made him the happiest he's ever been. I dread that day. :(

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