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Hmm a difficult issue.
The thing that stands out to be from reading this is how one sided it all seems. Relationships work best when you are on equal terms, and would willingly do things for each other.

You have suggested moving away and visiting him intermittently in the week - you've made no mention of HIM coming to see YOU. It seems like you are having to do all the running around in this relationship. Ask yourself - say for example you landed your dream job but it meant moving further away - do you think he would join you? Do you think he would make a compromise in his own life? If the answer to these is no then I'd think about what it is you really want in your life - is career more important to you than keeping this man around and happy?

As far as the non-confrontational thing goes, I feel your pain - I am often the same. The thing you have to ask yourself really is which would be worst in the long run - bringing up a subject that may cause some short term argument and rows or biting your lip for the rest of your life and turning slowly bitter against this man for making you so exhausted and leaving you with no time to do the things you once loved.
There are ways to approach issues that are getting you down without it turning into a fight. Tell him how exhausted and stressed this travelling is making you - explain in gentle terms that he is a really important part of your life and you don't want to be stressed and tired all the time when you're around him.

You sound to me to be very worn down from all this travelling - I personally think that finding yourself a place nearer to your work and travelling to see him in between would be the best bet. Not only would it decrease your stress levels and give you more time to do things - it would send out a clear message to the man that you have your own needs and that he needs to respect that. Make it clear that you want compromise. And if he doesn't respect that and gets angry at you then I think you have to wonder how much of a long term future this man could give you. Do you want to live on his terms alone for the rest of your life??

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