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I know you didn't mean you wanted marriage tomorrow...just someday. I am not trying to trivialize your question, it is valid. I was playing a little devil's advocate...I meant no harm. Sorry.

How interested should you be in a man who you have seen three times, that is almost divorced, with a son, that lives 90 miles away? I don't think you should be thinking that far ahead about a relationship as new as this one. If I were you, I might be dating a few men...why not? You are at a wonderful age in life, you are single, you are independant...I would use this time to live your life, he'll be even more interested in you then...wink
[QUOTE=Redneon82;4077921]Going away overnight usually implies sex. Make sure you are not a person who equates sex with emotional attachment, or you may end up hurt and resentful. So many women sleep with a man, and when they find out he isn't interested in a serious, committed relationship, they say "but I slept with you! Didn't it mean anything to you??" Get it straight before you go away with him.[/QUOTE]

That was exactly what I was trying to say. Make sure, in case you have sex with him, that it is not just to satisfy his sexual needs, since I guess that chastity has been the norm for him for some time now.

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