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So I just started dating a new girl. She is very sweet and very thoughtful. She is very focused on her schooling. Already holds a masters degree, going for a Phd, works a full time job, AND works a partime job on the weekends. When I asked her why she worked on weekends she said she needed something to keep her focused. She told me relationships with men never work out, so instead she fills up her time with work and schooling.

We've been out on about 4 dates and we had an awesome time last night. We always have tons to talk about. Always laughing. Always great eye contact. We also had a fairly long make out session for the first time. She told me she really likes kissing me and she thinks I'm really hot. She's told me several times how attractive she thinks I am. I know I've told her she has the blueist eyes and that she is attractive as well, but I don't remember my exact wording.

Now, I'm not great with compliments. I tend to use them sparingly in the beginning for fear of smothering a woman or coming across as a smooth talker. Not that [i]don't[/i] use them, they're just not always super obvious.

They're also, many times, more like "you are very thoughtful" or "you are very sweet," in the beginning, instead of "you are so gorgeous," on the 2nd date.

Once I get to know a woman a lot better I will be much more open with the "you're gorgeous" type comments.

So that being said, last night after we stopped making out (it was very passionate, prob the best kissing I can remember) we're just laying there talking and I think I said something like "you're not a bad kisser." In my mind this means "you are a good kisser."

It's kinda like when someone tells you that you are really attractive, or good at something, etc, and your response is "you're not so bad yourself!"

She immediately seemed to get upset and got a little passive aggressive with me. She said she was going to go away and there would be no more of us. Then she said she was kidding. Then she said...well kinda kidding. I'm!

I explained that it was a compliment and that she was an excellent kisser but she insisted that what I said was not a compliment and I was just backpedaling. She left to go home shortly after that.

She's been passive aggressive since last night and has cut off most communication to very short 1 or 2 word txt messages. I am not chasing after her, not now, not yet. It works in romantic comedies, but in real life, chasing after someone is unattractive.

However, I did send her a msg last night that said "I enjoyed hanging out with you tonight, goodnight :)" Her response..."thanks sleep well" This morn I sent one that said "good morning." It took her 4 hours to respond and her response was just "mornin."

This is a passive aggressive response from her considering how we have been conversing up to this point. She always uses lots of :), ;) smileys and texts often, takes no time responding, etc.

I'm not sure what to make of this. To me the comment was a compliment and [i]even if[/i] a girl said something to me that I got as a mixed signal or I didn't view as a compliment, I wouldn't get all butt hurt over it and act passive aggressive towards her.

I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

Any advice is appreciated.


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