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Re: Virgin
Sep 8, 2009
I too waited to have sex, until I was 25. Up until then I was anxious even thinking about anyone seeing me naked. My weight had fluctuated over the years, i had stretch marks and some surgery scars. I was scared that if I was with a man he would stare at my flaws and point them out. This fear, along with just general shyness around the opposite sex held me back from having a boyfriend.

But, lo and behold, at 25 I met my current boyfriend. From the start he was a perfect gentleman, he never pushed me to do anything I wasn't comfortable with. We got to know each other, we began to have feelings for each other, and it was all very natural. One night, without it being planned, we made love. It was just the right moment. The great thing about it was that he made me feel that being naked was no bif deal and nothing to fear. He loved my body, it turned him on and he says he doesn't notice any of my "flaws", he loves me as I am and thinks I'm beautiful.

When you find a man who respects you and is gentle and understanding you will be able to let go of your inhibitions. If a man loves you he'll think you're beautiful no matter what your body looks like, and he probably won't even notice the things that make you self concious. I was always really self concious about my breasts, but they are my bf's favorite part of my body, he thinks they're amazing! Trust me, when you find the right man you will be able to let go of your insecurities and fears. I think you have yet to find a man you truly trust, and this is what is holding you back.

And as far as the blood goes, some women bleed, some don't. If you do bleed it will probably be only a small amount, just put a towel under you if you're concerned. Just enjoy making love, don't focus on all the bodily fluids, they are natural and nothing to worry about.

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