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Wow Tori...sorry about what you're going through.

I kind of went through something similar. I'm actually going through it (sort of) right now.

BELIEVE what these other ladies on this board are telling you. Trust me. I learned things the hard way. Leave your ex alone.

He's already dumped you twice, and I'm sorry...but a guy who is "in love" with a woman does NOT dump her. He'd be too afraid that she would be swept up by another guy! Even if he had to dump her for "valid" reasons (his life is crazy, his busy busy BUSY schedule doesn't allow him to have a good relationship, still in school, etc.) he would be upfront and HONEST with you and would let you know that the only reason why you guys needed to take a break was because things were too crazy right now.

But this guy is just basically feeding you crumbs, and sad to say...but you're eating them up.

For one thing:

-Don't respond to his text messages. I don't care what they are about. Don't respond for a good while. Why, you may ask?? Simple: If a man is really SERIOUS about reconciling with you, he will CALL you. It's as simple as that. He won't resort to keeping you at an arm's length distance with text messages. Ugh! That's why I HATE text messaging these days! It has (sad to say) made some men [B]LAZY[/B]! :(

-Get ON with your life. Take up a hobby, hang out with friends, exercise, eat right, take some classes, do volunteer work, go out and allow new guys to meet you, etc. Just do [B]ANYTHING [/B]but worry about your ex and what he's doing and how he feels about you. Trust me, if he wants you back, YOU will know. There won't be any doubt. He will be [U]direct [/U]and honest with you.

-Keep the "No Contact" spree going. Don't contact your ex for ANY reason at all! Trust me, this is the best thing to do while you heal.

It's going to take a while before you heal from this breakup. Trust me, it's taken me many MANY months, and I'm STILL having a hard time on some days. So, don't feel bad if you still think about him from time to time. Just try not to.

Remember: Guys ALWAYS come back. They always try to come back and "see how you're doing", or some other crap like that. I think they're either just curious or don't want to be made to look like the "bad guy". But again...if a guy wants to get back with you, he will SAY so. He will DO things that [B][U]SHOW [/U][/B]you that he wants to get back with you (ie. call you, tell you his intentions, bring you flowers, ask you out on a date, etc.). So, please don't take his text messages as anything but him simply being bored. Right now he doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind to be dating [I]anyone [/I]right now.

Don't feel bad....just move on and remember that there is a BETTER guy out there who will really love and care for you. One that will NOT dump you twice or keep you hanging. ;)

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