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eh may be it's not your case . i konow nothing about you , your life , i just want to share my experience .

Before with my previous girlfriend I was cheating on her , why ?

at first and during the first months , she was making every day efforts to be pretty .
She was wearing tight skirts , with heel shoes looking new , makeup and a pretty handbag according to the skirt , a feminine violet umbrella . And also the Jewellery according to the girl
magazine .

That was a feminine baby . I was proud to go out with her . Showing in a restaurant with this
kind of decoration was a pleasure that gives a good image of the situation
By myself i was always wearing style clothes , and taking care of the body , running 30 minutes 5 times a week , making sit ups , improving the muscles .

and once she caught me , after 6 months , she began to be lazy with this . She was like going
back like she was before .
She woke up late . she was wearing the first easy thing she could find in the wardrobe , she
picked up the ugly basic jeans in one minutes , before going working .
She was not wearing fashion , and no a bit sexy underwear any more . Only the stupid cheap cotton , that looks like the grand mother staff .

But i stayed with her one and half year more because she was really funny and naughty . This
makes the week end and the leisure time colorful.
But at the same time i was always with one or two girls that follow the fashion . and that like
being a girl . I was working on looking for another girl to replace her .

Just you don’t tell her that you meet others , and you don’t say others that you live in a flat with
a girl already . It’s a bit a spy life , and when i founded another with the fashion and the
personality connection that we suit together , it was bye bye badly dressed , ugly casual .

I v told her hundred times that men like the baby that cover their body with modern fashion
clothes . And the men like girls that dare showing legs and a piece of the bra , the shoulders .
But she couldn’t understand . that was always the same . wake up late , grab a simple clothe .
No efforts any more .

Always people say men are bad they cheated . But often i think it’s because his women , stop
being a girl . No clothes no makeup , no attractive underwear . or just once a month .
I think the men is right to do so .

Heey the same can happen to men . After getting married , He doesn’t do anything , he becomes fat , and the women makes effort stay in good shape , and she cheated him until she find a better one .
I think she is right to do so in this case .
It’s a bit like a market . If one makes efforts and the other don’t.....

eh may be it's not your case . i konow nothing about you , your life , i just want to share my experience .

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