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I am a young gay man living in a city that doesn't have very many prospects. I moved here almost 3 years ago to finish my degree. I met the most amazing man of life, we were together for just over a year. We never left each others side, we were so happy. The problem though is that i picked him out of the straight crowd. I should have known he was going to have to spread his wings and see what else is out there now. He has since come out to all his friends and seems to be doing well. When he broke up with me it was for no other reason than the fact that he could not marry the first man he loved, he said he would end up resenting me for it. I spent 2 months after that not talking to him at all, it seemed to help a bit but after the 2 months we actually became amazing friends, probably closer than we have ever been. We tell each other everything. Now, a year after we broke up, we see each other once a week and party our faces off, talk all night long and cuddle till the sun comes up, its beautiful, and heartbreaking every time. Its so hard to see him with other guys. I feel as though no one in the world can make me feel as amazing as i do when I'm in his arms. I have tried to date but they all suck. My ex raised the bar so damn high and now everyone else falls short. I want to stop hurting, i want to feel love like that with someone who actually wants me, i want to stop being so sad and hollow. Im ready to feel love but all the sadness, anger, frustration, needs to go away first. I need some advice ... what do i do?

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