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You really need to remove yourself from his friends list. The more you read about what he is doing (or pretending to do), the more it's going to hurt you and the harder it is going to be for you to move on. Really, you need to remove yourself from there and don't look at it anymore. True zero contact means not even looking at that stuff anymore.

You already know the guy is a major liar, so it wouldn't be at all surprising if he was lying about this perfect evening just to try to upset you (knowing that you still read it). But if you take yourself out of that equation, it's not going to matter if he said he met the love of his life and getting married this weekend because you're not going to be reading it anymore!

You're going through all of the normal emotions that women go through in a breakup. Just because you did the breaking up doesn't mean it's any easier for you to move on. I know, I was really upset when I broke up with my last boyfriend. I felt really bad about it! But it had to be done. And when he found someone else it really upset me! But I was also glad it meant he wasn't going to trying to come back to me because I didnt want him anymore.

The thing about guys is, too, they really do move on more quickly than we do. They think it will help them get over it if they hook up with as many women as possible afterwards to get the relationship out of their system. I've learned this through reading message boards where it's predominantely male postings (car enthusiast sites) and they complain about their gf breaking up with them. Pretty much all of the guys tell him to go out and bang as many chicks as possible and forget about the ex. That's what they tell each other to do, that's how they handle their emotions. Kinda sad I know, but that's how they deal with it.

Anyway, you still totally did the right thing and I hope that you know that. You couldn't have kept this going any longer knowing he was lying to you all the time. Remember that trust is one of the most necessary foundations of any relationship, and since you didn't have that, there wasn't much else that would make up for it. You did the right thing and now you just need to give yourself time to grieve and move on.

You need to stop looking at his site. Stop torturing yourself and wondering what he is doing because it's not your problem anymore. That burden has now been taken off your shoulders and it's time to get your life back so you can be better prepared for the next guy.

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