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Sep 17, 2009
So I started dating this girl. I was pretty good friends with her during high school but I had not seen her since than. But this semester we coincidentally ended up taking the same class together. Both of us kind of had a thing for each other during high school, but she had a boyfriend at the time so the possibilities were limited.

Anyway we have gone on couple dates, if you can call them that, and we display the body language of two people who are interested in each other. We hold hands, hug, all that. I am kind of taking it slow with this one because of some things that have happened that I will mention in a bit. But anyway after a study date at her house as she walked me to my car I asked for a kiss on the cheek, which she did, and I watched as she walked back to her house with a lot of body language that to me seemed very positive. She seems really interested in me and has even made a lot of fun plans for us to do together in the future.

Anyway the next time we ended hanging out together I asked for a real kiss this time and I was turned down with another cheek kiss. Now I dont really know what to think about this. Its about time we kiss already. This isnt middle school. She has had a history of being a bit of a game player but it seems like she has matured a bit since high school.

Anyway here is a situation that recently took place that I think is contributing to the strangeness of her behavior.

Over a year ago she ended a relationship with a now ex-boyfriend. This guy had gotten a bit abusive, verbally, with her and so she brought it to an end. Since than this guy has been trying to win her back pretty regularly but she has continued to stand her ground on her decision. Recently he became angry and insisted that she return all of his stuff that he had left with her over the course of their relationship. So they met somewhere and she dropped his stuff off at his feet and walked away. He got aggressive with her and didnt let her get back in her car, things escalated and he ended up throwing her against her car, and things got violent.

She is fine, the police were called, restraining orders are being filed, etc.

Anyway this girl is displaying a high amount of interest in me, and I know she trusts me. Do you think that I am doing the right thing in taking it slow with her considering this whole situation, or do you think I am coming off as too passive and that she is going to loose interest? Am I simply giving to much thought in this whole cheek reflecting thing?

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