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[QUOTE=mizz cassie;4082767]im going a year with my boyfriend but im hisfirst girlfriend and his my 10th. he is very insecure with every guy i talk to or even hug. i try and tell him to cool off and just relax because i wont leave him. but he just wont listen to me. he has low self-esteem so thats one of the causes of him being insecure but its really hard. im strating to get tired of him being like this but i dont want to break up with him...what should i do??[/QUOTE]

You've got to make a decision and stick to it: either you follow Rose's advice or you move on.

Say, how would you feel if you caught him talking to and hugging other girls? Maybe you wouldn't mind him doing it at all, but he does. Actually, I think most men would feel more or less embarrassed by this, unless maybe they knew the other guy very very well. Maybe you could try to make him feel at home with your friends. Actually, are these guys your friends, or are they just anyone you meet?

Maybe you are incompatible, maybe you feel as if you were in a prison... He may become more self-confident as time goes by, but if he doesn't, maybe you should consider breaking up, sorry.

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