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My brother and his (now ex) wife had that happen with our family. She and my mother didn't get along and it blew up into a huge family feud, with he and the wife not speaking to my mom and I. This went on for years, but eventually we were able to mend the rift...only for my brother to file for divorce 20 years later, telling us that we'd been right all along and he couldn't take it anymore (from her, not us).

It was miserable, because my mom and I love my brother very much, but there were so many bad feelings, and the wife fed the rift by refusing to allow my brother to even speak to us on the phone. It broke my mother's heart especially, but when she tried to reach out she was rejected. Much like your fiance, my sister in law declared that she (and my brother) would have nothing to do with my mom or with me. And I can't even imagine the stress and heartache my brother went through, since he adores his baby sister(me) and was particularly close to our mother.

My ex boyfriend also gave up his family and friends for his new girlfriend. There are very valid reasons that his family and friends do not care for this girl, but he didn't care. Now things are getting rocky in the relationship, and he is wishing that he could somehow get his family back. It's going to be a long, hard road for him to mend things, if not impossible, because he too said he didn't need his family and friends and literally told them all they could go to He**. Now he wants them back and it might be too late.

I'm just saying that if there's any way to mend this rift before the wedding, please try to. And your fiance has to be on board, or it will never end.

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