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I need advise on how to convince my boyfriend that I am working on being a better partner. he complains about the way i think and says I am making him pay for my ex-boyfriends mistake. he says everytime he thinks of me he stresses and that I depress him. if I voice out my concrens I am being over I think I know too much.He says I destroy everything he is trying to build for us. We have a child together, and i pay my way for everything and constantly bail him out when he doesnt have enough money, but that not good enough. i need a remedy to make him happy and give him peace of mind.

Can someone with a great relationship please advice me, preferably women that have been in blissful relationships and marriages for 10 years or more, as I am now throwing in the towel and letting go of this relationship, if it will have a negative impact on both of us.

I have asked him several times to write down the things that he would like me to change and he says by talking to me i should grasp from that. I think that writting them down i can always loook back and improve on it daily instead of trying to work it out in my mind like he does.

Please I need answers urgently as I need to confrim my answer in the next 2 hours.

Maybe its time to let go, if i am going to fight this battle alone.

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