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She called me last night, and I gave in and picked up... We were talking and I told her exactly how I felt. She got upset at me for telling her what I meant about the safety net and I told her its not exactly my fault when you are ignoring my calls and making me very paranoid. She apologized

We had a good conversation once again, and she said that she thinks we will be together but she doesn't know if thats a good idea because she feels we will end up breaking up. She also mentioned that she feels like we are very different people because I go to college and she works, and she likes piercings and tattoos and well I am not FOND of them but I do like them just not as much as her. But I told her that shouldn't make or break a relationship. That's just something we should overcome because there is a lot more to us then just that.

She agreed.

And we left it at that.

In my mind I dont feel this way at all(The way she is feeling). But I dunno, I am just not going to text her or call her...

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