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Recently, my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years broke up with me. He said that he needed space and ended it on a very good note. I gave him his space and did not initiate contact, and in two weeks he was back and asked me to be his girlfriend again, that he loves me and knows now that I am the one that he wants to marry.
Four days after our breakup, he gave his number to a girl that he met. He texted her and told her she was "cute", and he wanted to hang out. They ended up going to Chilis, sitting at the bar, and had a few drinks. He said they didnt eat or anything and it was not a date, and that he really didnt have interest. He also said she was in a similar situation as him and I, and they both ended up talking about me and her ex the whole time. I am trying not to be hurt by this, but it bothers me that he seemed to have interest in a girl so soon after we broke up, when he tells me that I am the love of his life. He says he was not really interested and that it was just hanging out, and that he wasnt trying to start anything, and if he had- he would have pursued her.
I just want to move on, and be happy that he is back. It is hard, and I dont want to make a big deal about this if it is not.... he DID end up coming back, so that is good.
Should I worry about what happened? Or is it truly possible that he isnt interested and it was just more flirting than anything?
Also.... How do I not push him away again? Since he needed space not too long ago, should I be careful about not talking to him as much as we used to? I dont want to end up in the same place we were, but he says he is really ready to be back together. I dont want to be gaurded, but I dont want to have my heart broken again. How do I let him back in, without pushing him away?
I know there are a lot of things I am asking advice for.... LOL. I guess that is why I am posting, I am all jumbled and I would love any words of advice you all have! Thanks!

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