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I am an overly anxious person in general. Just to put that out there.

In my last two relationships before the one I am in now, I was cheated on. In some cases, multiple times. In one of those relationships I made the attempt to work things out even after I found out that they cheated on me. That ended up into being an extra 8 months of me not being able to trust them, and eventually I had to end that relationship. Both of these unhealthy relationships were in a row. Right after they occurred I met my current girlfriend and we have been dating for a year. At first I wasn't too jealous but I see myself becoming very jealous.

A lot of times when I come home to our apartment, I am afraid to find her having sex with someone else. The problem with this is, she has not given me any reason to believe that she is being unfaithful whatsoever. One of our new friends, we both think, has a crush on my girlfriend. I am very jealous of when they hang out together. Even though underneath it all I feel that my girlfriend wouldn't cheat on me, I still have these crazy fantasies.

Is it because I was cheated on before? Am I just really insecure? Can someone help me work through this? I have brought it up to my girlfriend, but I feel so bad about it.

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