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Act before it is too late.
No person should suffer at the hand of another.
Yes everyone argues but an arguement should be equal.
An apology will not suffice where potential violence is evident.
To put it bluntly-kick him out.
Tell him to seek anger management treatment before you will continue with your relationship-and make sure he is doing so before you do continue.
Yes everyone knows he is great/fantastic etc.
But you know different.
This alone let's you know that he is well aware of what he is doing.
If he can be good and kind with other's then why can't he be the same with you.
He's a bully and as such if you let things continue as they are he will eventually destroy your life.
I do not doubt that you care for him very much-after all you are here looking for advice.
He's the one with he problem why is'nt he here asking for advice
the only real medicine in a case like this is----dump him sooner than later.

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