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SincerelyC I f you feel your boyfriend can be dangerous , really leave him , donít hesitate , and
find someone balance after . Donít put yourself into danger , leave , chose a good life .
But if you feel itís not that bad , and you feel you can often communicate with him , if he is
aware of his behavior ,then read my post

The problem i think , is that your friend has not enough social life ,not enough friends at this
time .

I tell you a story that Ďs happen to a friend .

Me and 4 friends all boys , in our twenties . During 6 years we have spent most our week end
and holiday together .
Generally we met 2 times a week , the 5 of us , in a bar or at home . a good ten hours a week
together .
6 years , going out , for a chat , disco on Saturday night , every bank holiday we took one car ,
and went for a camping and mountain hiking or something . sometimes visiting new cities center
in other countries . Or we went to rock concert music ....

So this friend and for of us had a vivid leisure life . We were often talking joking with people
outside the family circle or wok circle .

This friend was completely balanced at this time . He never get angry or suddenly shouting for
no reasons .

And you have already guessed what happen .
After thinks have changed , he get married , and after his work he did always the same , coming
home eating ,watching TV ,sleep .
he didnít go out with us any more, or anyone else ,he didnít chat with friends during hours
anymore , he didnít joke with friends the week end anymore . Just stayed with the family , close
himself in the house .

Then you have guessed what happen .
He get often angry . For no reasons , a little problem , nothing , he was yelling in house blaming
his wife or his children .
Generally once or Twice a week , two evening a week , it was yelling , bad mood in the house .
He and his wife told me .

i m quite sure that no social life , no friends ,lead to this behavior .
I have met people like scientists that know a lot about how the human work , they told me thatís
an important reason of arguing ,for no reasons .

I hope it will help you , may be suggest him ? . If he has a passion , moto bikes or computer or
what he likes , may be tell him to do it with other peoples . Find a way .
After one week or two chatting with friends laughing , he will get completely happy at home .

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