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I know a lot of people get really mad and yell but my boyfriend either gets scary after a little time went by in the argument or he is getting straight to it. Even if the reason we are fighting is my fault sometimes is it ok? He tells me i make him that way. He yells, swears, breaks things, gets in my face, does all these hand gestures, and then his parents wake up and get into our business. It's so humiliating. He really scares me when he gets like this. Everyone handles things differently but this just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like he is going to hit me one day. I don't want to lose him because he is great when he isn't like that. People say it's normal for couples to fight and yell but is THIS normal? He was never like this until a few months into the relationship. We are almost a year. He was the sweetest thing. He hates when i say i miss how things used to be and he tells me to stop all the time when i say maybe we just are not for eachother. I care about him a lot, i do, but i can't take this happening! Not even once in a while. He knows how he is. He will apologize later or something. I can't even get in the car with him when he is angry. I'm scared for my life. He will yell till he loses his voice and swirve. He will drive right past my neighborhood and we will drive till the crack of dawn till he feels like things are resolved when really i just want to go home. I will beg him to take me home and threatened to call the police to get me. He says i make things worse. If i do, leave me right? He says there is more good then bad but i honestly disagree. I have decided not to go to his house because of the scenes he causes when we fight. He says that is dumb. I just feel so mortified when his parents wake up, text him, or yell to take me home. I just don't know what to do...I REALLY don't. I really need help and advice. What should i do when he gets like that? He says i only want to leave when things get really bad and its true, is there anything wrong with that? If i have nothing to say he will keep going and going until i think of something to say. "what, you're not going to talk now?" I'm 16 and he just turned 19. If i tell one of my friends about his rampage they are just like "What? (insert name)? Not him." I used to feel the same way. I used to ask myself who is this? but now i realize its who he is. It's who he becomes when he is angry. I'm sorry this is so long and all over the place but it's so hard explaining it because you guys don't know who i am or have seen our past and present as a couple. Thanks to whoever will give me good helpful advice.

This type of anger toward you is not normal at all. I don't care what his excuse is, I don't care what the extenuating circumstances are or what you said or did beforehand, it's NEVER normal for him to react that way toward you.

If you are already at that point where you are afraid he will hit you sometime then you really need to get out of this situation. It doesn't matter whether or not you love him, he is broken and you can't fix him. Before he does haul off one day and does hit you, please just get out and don't go back. Not even if he promises to change.

You need to start watching movies about battered women. ALL OF THEM started out the way you are. He's really sweet and nice sometimes but then all the sudden his wrong button gets pushed and wham, argument city. And those arguments keep escalating until he starts hitting you. Once he starts hitting you you're totally screwed because it will keep getting worse. I don't want you to end up in the hospital or dead just because this idiot boyfriend of yours can't hold his temper.

Please just listen to what I'm telling you. You need to get out of this relationship. How much you love him or how sweet he is doesn't matter. Because on the other side of that is him being angry, screaming at you, throwing things, getting in your face, and you being afraid that he will hit you. NONE of that is normal! This is not a normal relationship. This is an abusive relationship in which you are being abused, and it's already escalating. If you don't leave soon you will be very sorry. Get out now while you still can.

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