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WARNING: Kind of a long, pathetic story.

So I met this girl about two months ago at my friend's party. Instantly had a crush on her. We both discovered that we're both 21-year-old virgins (and not for religious reasons) lol. She's never had a boyfriend before, and she's really cute and attractive, and we have the same favorite band and a lot in common. We got along pretty well, but I was too shy to ask for her number. However, I found out from two of my buddies that she asked them both for it, the next day. She texted me and we've been texting ever since. It's usually her who initiates the texts too. I asked her what she was doing one weekend and she said she was busy, which is fair. Week after that, I asked her when we were hanging out and she said we could that day and so we hung out at a diner at 11, because I had to wait for her to get out of work. She was a half hour late, but she bought me a beer because she felt bad. We spent 3 hours just talking at the diner.

Anyway, so there was a party again this past weekend and I told her about it. She seemed iffy on whether she could make it or not. So I asked my friend, who was having the party, to invite her as well. Well, instead of doing that he decides to text her "Hey Rob's really looking forward to you coming this weekend" and she replies, "yeah, kinda worried about that." He asks her why, and she says she's not really looking for a relationship right now. So he tells me that she said this stuff, and I cry. I texted her this, "hey I respect you not being interested and stuff, but some people would interpret asking for a guy's number and texting him every day as leading on." And she said that a guy and girl can be friends without it meaning anything, or something like that. So the next day, I apologized and told her it wasn't her fault and that I still really want to be friends, and she accepted.

She actually comes to this party and I feel awkward as hell, lol. We get a moment to ourselves to talk about things. I confess to her that I have a crush on her. She admits that she knew from the time we met that I liked her. She says that she doesn't think she's ready for a relationship because she's afraid of them and getting hurt. She says that I could do much better than her and that's she's really hard to get with and has self-confidence issues. I said that I wasn't asking her to be my girlfriend yet, but that I would like to date her. She agrees that we could hang out more and see where it goes. Later on, everyone's going to sleep and my friend suggests that the two of us sleep upstairs in his bunk bed. We do, and I slept with my arm around her. We're trying to sleep and at one point, she holds my hand, which makes me really confused. Then in the morning, she wakes up and apologizes for 'torturing me'. I think she means torturing in the sense that I wanted her and we were sleeping together.

Even since that party, she texts me every day. I don't know what to make of it. Is she playing hard to get? Is she testing me to see how much I like her by not giving up? What does she want from me? Is she just not attracted to me? This is a very summarized, albeit long (lol), version of the actual story, keep in mind. It's just driving me crazy, because it's all I think about, and I still want to be with her very badly. Any input appreciated.

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