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Okay, so I am working on my jealousy issues. One day at a time.

My girlfriend is a high school teacher. Her and a fellow teacher of hers have become good friends. Thats fine. But it is really obvious that this fellow teacher likes my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I came to this conclusion together. I suppose it bothers me that this fellow teacher likes my girlfriend. She wants to hang out with her a lot, and she is always texting her. Today, after school they both are going out to get drinks together. Yesterday my girlfriend told me she wasn't going to hang out alone with this girl anymore so she wouldn't send mixed messages. I didn't ask her to do this, she decided to on her own.

Am I being ridiculous by being upset about this?
well, I think it is normal to feel a pinge of jealousy when someone is interested in your significant other. However, I don't think that it should be that big of a deal - your girlfriend is obviously not interested in this other woman, so it sounds like there is nothing to feel threatened about.
It also may be that both you and your girlfriend are completely misreading the signals here - maybe this other teacher is just looking for a friend? In any event, you should feel happy that you are with someone that others find attractive - and I assume that you trust your girlfriend not to cheat. If you do, then you have nothing to be jealous about. If you don't, then you shouldn't be with her in the first place.
It doesn't sound like she is keeping anything from you. She is keeping it all out in the open, which is what you're supposed to do. Your gf is one of those rare people who is honest with you, you should be really grateful for that! Do you realize how many people in relationships don't know something is going on until its too late?

If I were you, I'd only be upset if she didn't tell you what's going on. Now that she told you on her own without you having to prod her, you know she is not doing anything wrong. Furthermore, her saying that she is taking steps to prevent sending mixed messages, that's even more reason for you to be glad.

Yeah its ok to be annoyed at the other woman but don't get annoyed with your gf. She is handling this a lot better than a ton of other people would.

Don't let your insecurity drive her away. She doesn't have to put up with it. Just realize she picked you, she is with you, and that's what matters.
Your not being ridicules at all and your gf obviously cares about your relationship so much that she doesn't want to cloud it with craziness. She's a keeper.
maybe she likes your girlfriend as a FRIEND and not in a romantic way
does she even know your GF's orientation??
Oh she definitely knows my girlfriend is a lesbian. And the fellow teacher (a woman) has dropped many hints that she likes females.
Here is what is really starting to bother me. A lot of people like my girlfriend. I should feel flattered to be with someone that a lot of people like, right? But my girlfriend is letting this all get to her head. She is very confident and people are very attracted to this. My girlfriend told me that she finds it flattering that her fellow teacher likes her. And then someone told her today that their friend said, that if she wasn't straight and single, she would want to date my girlfriend. My girlfriend even admitted that these comments from people are making her head bigger. I don't want to date a cocky girl. I hated dating cocky guys. This is really starting to bother me.
You should talk to her about what you just said. Gingerly, but you should talk to her. A lot of times people don't realize when they're getting cocky and someone that knows them well may be able to bring them back down to earth. I feel the same way - my new boyfriend is very attractive and girls hit on him all the time. I wouldn't want to be with a guy I wasn't attracted to just to feel comfortable or anything, but it's hard when you're with a "catch" too. But, obviously she wants to be with YOU. That's what we have to remind ourselves of.

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