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Thank you all for your advice and input, I really appreciate it.

I have since I posted this talked with my boyfriend about everything, and I believe we have cleared everything up.

He said that the only reason he had difficulty orgasming from pure sex is because the couple days before that we had been having a lot of sex because for whatever reason I was just very aroused, pretty much all the time, and I didn't realize that having so much sex made it hard to orgasm because he just wasn't that horny, which I can understand.

Also he really does feel bad for saying those things, he didn't realize how the size of one's breasts is almost like an indication of status; I know that's not how it should be, but I guess that's how I've been raised. So when he was saying that the other girl had really big breasts, then said mine were kinda small, I thought he meant that she was more attractive than me but that's not what he meant at all.

Also, since that post we've been having really good sex, and everything is back to normal. I still don't like the thought of him getting turned on by other girls, but he has said numerous times that even if he finds another girl attractive, a) she is never as attractive as I am (he's so nice :) ) and b) he would never ever do anything with them because he loves me, and if he is turned on by someone else it doesn't mean that he has any kind of emotional feelings towards her. The attraction is there but it is comletely meaningless.

As for porn, it's a lot like the paragraph above. He gets turned on by the girls but doesn't want to actually do anything with them, he just watches it to get turned on, not to fantasize about doing anything with them.

I'd like to apologize to everyone for making my boyfriend sound like an insensitive, rude, filthy pig who doesn't care about or respect me, because that couldn't be farther from the truth. I think a lot of that was me misinterpreting what he said, and I just let my insecurities take over from there. But thank you everyone who cared enough to offer me advice on what I should do :) I appreciate it :)

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