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I"m glad everything is sorted. I just feel he is very young and i gather you are each others first girl/boy friend? It appears as though he feels totally comfortable with you and speaks to you as he would to one of his best male friends. I don't think he's even aware at the way he came across.

Normally guys don't tell their girl friends or wives in such detail how they feel about other women physically or what they feel the need to do with porn etc etc.
Most guys are physically attracted to other women they randomly see out and about or on TV, but don't act on it and never or rarely verbalise it. You need to set him straight right away on how you feel about things when he says or does things which are not right or respectful.

Most teenage guys don't tie themselves down to a permanent girlfriend and they date or have casual experiences with a lot of different girls or simply hanging out with their mates. It's a time of experimenting, finding out what they want or like and of freedom. It's most often a period where they get most things out of their system and become mature and realise what is important, what they want and what direction in life they are taking. It's the reason why the term "sowing his wild oats" came from. Basically this period is meant to prepare them to settle down with one female forever.

Some guys can be happy with the girl they are seriously dating in their teens, but might have 'urges' in regards to other girls, but wont necessarily act on them. It's difficult to say. Some guys have settled with a girl in their teens, married, had kids and lived quite happily. Some on the other hand have felt boxed in and wanted their freedom. Some people regret later in life that they settled so young. It's different for everyone. So long as you both communicate and let each other know what's acceptable and what's not.

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