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I have a new boyfriend and for the most part, it's been wonderful. He is very attentive and sweet and everything. One thing bothers me though... one of the first times we hung out, he mentioned one of his best girl friends and said she was so cool that he "wanted to marry her someday." I asked him about it later and he said that they really just hang out at parties and flirt "in a friendly way" but that nothing had ever happened and that SHE didn't want anything to happen, a subtlety that also really bothered me. I made the horrible mistake of asking "do you think she is prettier than me?" just to judge his reaction to my question, and he said no but I didn't believe him at all and he sounded nervous. I don't find her attractive at all and for some reason that bothers me more than if i thought she was a gorgeous girl. I hope I don't sound arrogant at all and I probably do sound petty, but I can't help that it bothers me. I talked to my male friend about it and he basically said that he's probably in love with her if he wants to marry her one day and she just wasn't interested, so I am just "next on the totem pole" and if she ever came around, he'd probably ditch me for her. This male friend is also someone that openly is interested in me, so I don't know if I should trust what he said or if he was just trying to plot me against my boyfriend. That's where you guys come in...

Despite the comments I'll surely get for being insecure and petty, is this something that would bother you? Even if he doesn't ever act on it, is it wrong of me to feel threatened by this woman? I want to talk to him about it, but I've already brought it up before and it will probably just irritate him, and if he is in love with his friend, he's not going to tell me anyway.

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