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The same question here............what is your husband going to do???

By your original post, it doesn't sound as though your husband is simply having women there when they take clients out for dinner, sounds like your husband is having a full blown affair.

I do know that when overseas clients or high profile clients are taken out to dinner they are then often taken out to a bar, a show, strip club or karaoke, whatever the client wants. The client might get involved in these things, but the man taking the client out isn't required to get 100% involved in these activities. He can be a watcher on the side, but just because a client goes off with a prostitute or gets a lap dance etc etc doesn't mean a man like your husband has to also. Now i know it can be awfully tempting for a man, but surely he realises he has a wife at home who wants to have sex with him, but he appears to be the one who has the sexual issues as you stated that you found viagra hidden.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that it's one thing to take clients out, but another for your husband to start a full blown affair where he gives the woman his pesonal contact details, allows her to text his mobile and he's also putting money in her bank account.

Your husband is likely mortified that he's been caught out and that you had actually gone to the step of packing your bags and leaving. I think he is more sorry for himself, sorry that he got caught out, sorry that he loses a supportive wife by his side, one who will always be there to make sure everything in the home is running smoothly, a respectable woman he can take to company functions, a woman who fits in with his work profile and with your friends, whereas the woman he's having the affair with isn't the type he would take to visit friends and company functions.

I personally feel he wants the respectable wife at home and the nice and uncomplicated homelife and personal life, while on the other hand he enjoys having these secret affairs on the side. Having these affairs he gets variety, he possibly also gets to explore sexual avenues he thinks you wont enjoy exploring or he feels embarrassed asking you to do certain sexual acts. Maybe he thinks you are too 'nice' for certain sexual acts and feels only these women he picks up are fine to do these other things with. The other option is that he might be a sex addict.

At the end of the day you wont know whether he's being honest or not. You need to ask lots of questions as to why he doesn't request sex with you when you are willing, yet he's out having sex with these women. What is the difference, why them and not you?

I'm glad you have a some friends who you can rely on for help and i'm so proud that you even packed your bags. He knows you are serious. He might get scared and reform or he might simply hide his affairs much better.

Good luck. I think you will need to be strong.

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