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Re: Strict parents
Mar 24, 2010
Thank you for the advice. I do understand and believe me i've done all those things. and i truly dont mind helping around the house, they do say they trust me but they say that i should spend time with family and its more important. My father has a patience issue, he yells and screams alot and i can never have a normal argument with them, my mother only does what my father says she can do and she never listens to what i say. If i try to bring anything up to conversate they say "why are u asking if u already know the answer" this is extremly frustrating. Another problem is that they dont like my boyfriend because he is cape verdean and they try to do anything in their power to keep me from seeing him and spending time with him. I cant even bring my brother around him to play basquetball and this is ridiculous to me. They refuse to meet him, try to know him and judge him so much its hard for me and him. I feel like one day im going to reach my breaking point. They are even telling me i am going on vacation to portugal for 2 months during the summer and there is nothing i can do about it because they dont want me to stay in the states so i dont spend time with my bf or do anything. This is ridiculous, my bf is a great person, he goes to school, has his own place, works, his family is of great status, caring and loves me and he his very respecting of me. It is so frustrating. As i speak i am stuck in my house because i cant go out after i get home from school regardless.

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