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Honestly, I was playing with Rory's hair long before I knew he had a crush on me. Close friends I have no problem having physical contact with, and I like playing with long hair and I always asked if I could braid Rory's. I wouldn't do this around a girlfriend of his because I know some women are freaky and don't like any other woman to have any sort of physical contact with their men and I'd rather not invoke the wrath of some crazy psycho girlfriend.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend had similar physical contact with other women, unless I already really really did not like the girl for some reason. Maybe I have a weird sense of what platonic entails, but I and my good friends feel a lot of kinds of physical contact are acceptable between friends. Matt loves having his head and back rubbed. Matt's roommate has given me foot massages (he's very openly gay and not flirting with me). My ex pokes me in the side because I make funny noises when he does (he does this in front of my BF, who is his friend; BF doesn't mind and often joins in). I'm usually manhandling Rory's hair when we spend time together. I guess these behaviors never struck me as being more than friendly because I'm on a sort of touchy-feely basis with many friends. And yes, I have told my BF about these things...if he objected to them, he has never said anything to me.

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