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[B]Kszan[/B], I haven't been taking much about my boyfriend, good or bad, because he's not the focus of this topic. He only seems to have no good points because I would have no reason to come here to discuss those. The good points were never an issue.
Justkeeppraying[/B], I have been alone with Matt several times since becoming his friend. I'm not afraid to be around him, and I do trust him. He's never made any sort of unwanted move toward me, and honestly, if I need help paying the rent if I get into grad school and my BF has no job or no desire to get one, I wouldn't mind Matt being my roomie. And I know my guy isn't perfect; I'm not either. But I've never felt an outright desire to want to leave him for any reason...not even for these crushes. There have been a couple times I did not like him, but I have never not loved him. Don't all couples feel this way from time to time? :confused:

As far as flirting with my friends, some things that I've said to them could probably be construed as flirts, but were meant as compliments. I have complimented both friends on their appearance many times, and I really did try to be friendly about it (like saying "handsome" rather than "hot" or "sexy").

[B]Tubular[/B], Rory doesn't provide me with everything emotional. He provides a close friendship and great conversation simply because he and I are so much alike. If our friendship is that much of a tease to him, I would expect him to tell me. I know that a little badgering can go a long way in getting him to be truthful with me if I think he's hiding something. Same goes for Matt.

And I know for a fact Rory has or had touchy-feely friendships with totally platonic friends, so I really don't think our closeness is that weird or "unhealthy".

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