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Oooooh god haha trust me when I say... we've had the "he's just not that into you" talk. I've asked him over and over and over again... and I told him that it's ok if that's how it is. He told me that he wouldn't continue to date me if he wasn't into me. He loves his sister SO much... more than anything... and he knows that if he were to continue dating me knowing that he didn't really like me... it would put a lot of stress on her. Haha when I saw that movie and read the book I INSTANTLY thought of him and I asked to talk to him.He assured me that that wasn't it.

He has never really had a girl like him before me. He was the nerdy, dorky kid with glasses that everyone made fun of. My best friend (his older sister) had to protect him all throughout school because the bullying was so bad. I think that something like that stays with you even when you're 21. I couldn't imagine being bullied in the way he was all my life. He went through a big change... going from no girls liking him to one of the most popular girls he knew liking him. He often told me that he just didn't understand why I liked him.

I don't think that we would be dating if he wasn't into me. HE is the one who wanted us to stay together before he left. He is the one who calls me when I'm annoyed at him for something. HE always wants to talk about things when we argue. I can be pretty pig headed sometimes. I know that he cares. I feel like he cares. He just has a lot of trouble showing it sometimes. You'd think that he'd have grown out of this shyness with me... and it IS happening... VERY very slowly. He's gotten SO much better from when we first started dating. His sisters even told me that they were so surprised at his improved behavior. It's just happening so slowly that I forget to notice. I guess I'm just expecting more and more because with any other guy... he WOULD be whispering sweet nothings into my ear. He WOULD be taking me out on dates all the time. Any other guy would be kissing me all the time. I found out a long time ago that this is not any normal guy though.

I talked to him a little about getting help... he kind of shrugged it off. I think he was really embarrassed. I think he was on medication a while ago... but it didn't help any so he got off of it. His sisters do know about it. One of his other sisters actually suffers from it too. I don't know if his mom knows about his depression... she most likely does since they're so close. She has depression herself though so I don't really know what's going on there. He doesn't think that seeing anyone will help him. He doesn't think that talking about things is going to help him.

I do think you're right though... he isn't capable of being a good boyfriend to me until he has sorted out his problems. I don't want to just abandon him though. I don't really know how it'll be if we break up. I don't know if he'll let me in as a friend. I mean... we haven't slept together yet so it's not like we have that awkwardness... but I know that he does want to be with me... So I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I don't really want to break up with him. I have asked him in the past if it would be easier for us to just be friends. I said that I understand that our relationship might be putting even more stress on him and maybe making his depression worse... I told him that I was 100% ok with just being friends.. but he said that he wants to be with me. He says that I have nothing to do with his depression. He constantly tells me that it isn't me... it's him. That's why we've been together this long.

He's having a really good time overseas right now. I'm not sure how he's coping with his depression. He gets back in about a month. He did call me on my birthday! He has sent me messages on facebook and asked his sister (my best friend) about me... called me a few times. I just don't know what to do. Just wait until he gets back? I can't just break up with him without seeing him. I care about him way too much for that. Isn't it possible for me to help him through all of this? Or is this something he needs to figure out on his own?

Thank you so much for replying. It really feels good to talk about this. :)

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