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rosequartz.. No I don't feel sorry for him... well I do feel hurt for him but that isn't what's keeping me with him. He's just such a nice guy... he has gotten under my skin. That's how I am... it is really hard for me to get over something especially when the guy still likes me. It takes me SO long to form feelings for anyone so I guess I hold on until I can't hold on anymore. I just can't bring myself to just give up because that's not who I am. I just want things to work out...

Justkeeppraying.. His mom isn't getting ANY help for her depression. None of the family has in the past. I don't think anyone thinks it's serious enough to go to the doctor. Maybe that's why he thinks it's pointless in going to see a doctor... he has in the past and it didn't help him. So I think he gave up on getting professional help. You hit the nail on the head though... he probably thinks that since his mom hasn't gotten any help, he doesn't need it.

larrylou'smom... I think you might be right. I do love him as a person... I think he's funny and sweet and he has such a big heart. I think the world of him. Maybe I do love the person that he could become... but I think I also love the person he is right now. I just care about him so much that I want HIM to be happy... and I guess it makes me unhappy that he's unhappy. I don't know if that makes any sense... I rarely make sense when I'm talking about him:P I do know that I can't fix him. I know that 100%. We've talked about all of this stuff... I guess it's just really hard for me to let him go.

pendulum- that is exactly what he's doing. He does use his depression as a sheild against life. His oldest sister does it too. He is just set on the fact that he has it and has no intention of really changing it. He thinks he's just in a slump and is stuck in this slump forever.. is there anything I can say to get him on the right track? Or is this something only HE needs to do alone?

You guys are really making me think about things. I'm definitely going to consider your advice. You're right. We are both so young... this is silly. I shouldn't be THIS invested in him... should I? He is my first real boyfriend. I guess I should've broken things off before when we kept having all those serious talks about all this serious stuff. It is a lot to take on. I just felt like... you know.. I have never had depression and I'm so bubbly and happy most of the time. I thought that being around someone like me might help him. NOT that I saw him as a charity case or anything. I guess I was holding on to the chance that he will get better and that's just not right.

I am just going to wait until he gets back in a month... see how things are. I can't break up with him over the phone or the internet. I won't do that. I just need to talk to him in person.. if things haven't changed by much and/or he still doesn't want to get help... I will call it quits and tell him that I think we should just be good friends. I love him as a person. Maybe he just shouldn't be my boyfriend.. Thanks again for all your responses. You really helped me see things clearly :)

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