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Nov 12, 2009
This is hard sitation as i also have eating disorder.
but i cheated on my boyfriend with his friend when i was finding things hard and thought my bf was cheating on me. I have never felt so ashamed as i do since. since this he has stopped contact with his friends who gave him a hard time via texts to him saying bout what had happened between me and his friend. I have found it so difficult because i told my bf straight away and after a few days we met up and talked things through, we are still together after all of that but i feel like I'v not been punished for what i have done
my boyfriend has said he has forgiven me and that i have earnt my trust back and hes so glad i did and that he loves me etc, and i do believe him, but it has triggered things off in my head about what if he does it back, it has been 6 months since it happened and we have been so happy in this time, but my ed is making it difficult in my head bringing it up that he doesnt really want me and that he hasnt punished me yet soo hes bound to be off with girls behind my back etc. how do i get over this, hes made me so happy this whole year we have been together, we have had our ups and downs but we have always pulled through i really love this guy and never felt this way bout anyone before in my life and he says the same =) i just want to get over what i did and try to make it easier in my head so i can focus on staying happy, the illness i have (anorexia) feeds off of my miserableness but over the years i have felt like whenever i have been happy and stayed happy and focused on just happiness, it goes wrong and i end up miserable, so im scared of being too happy =( help me please i just want to enjoy my relationship with my boyfriend

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