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I think I can learn to be more patient and to not take everything so personally. I know that he is not out to hurt me. But he does need to learn to either be more careful with what he says, or be willing to explain himself and talk to me about it. He is not very comfortable with intimacy,[B][U] making me feel like he's always just out of reach.[/U][/B] I am getting a lot better at giving him space though, and maybe he will thus become more intimate with me.[/QUOTE]

This is the only red flag to me. A lot of people need to grow their social skills. Like you, I could live with that and adjust some on my side. But this issue would concern me because I've been there. I've been in this "arm's length" situation and if that does not change, I'd have to move on. Chasing someone's approval and affection plays with your self respect and self esteem after a while. If he can't grow in this respect and move closer to let you feel like he's completely in it for you, the rest of his quirks would not matter to me. This would be the deal breaker.

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