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Hi I desperately need some suggestions.

I met my good friend C 12 yrs ago. She is getting married to M (whom I have known for 10 yrs) in July. My best guy friend A I have also known for 12 yrs. A's cousin N was a good friend of mine (lost touch, nothing bad, see him once a year or so now). N and M are good friends and watch soccer a/o hockey games together at least 3 times per season. We all went to highschool together.

Before this past summer, A and I lost touch for a couple of yrs, he moved to the city I live in now and we randomly bumped into one another and re-connected. I introduced my best friend K to A and they hit it off. One evening, A was making us dinner, and invited a guy friend of his E. E and I ended up chatting a lot. He asked me out, but I was dating J. J happens to be C's brother.

J and I were dating for 6 months or so - without labeling ourselves with official 'titles' (a huge hurdle to have gone over with him), he told me he loved me etc. I didn't say it back b/c I didn't feel as if we had a future together and originally we started off as friends with benefits but it progressed. It could only progress to a certain point though as like I said, I didn't see long-term potential in him and he has chronic depression which really affected him, me and us.

When I met E in late August, J and I were rocky. I told E up front I was seeing someone else, but not exclusively. So we went on 2 dates. Somewhere within 2 weeks of meeting E, I broke up with J. E and I have been together now since then, and in such a short time have gone through a lot of stressful situations (we had major problems in the beginning, his mom was really sick, and I was moving and we both have exams coming up), but are now at a really good place.

So the problem comes in because A & N discussed that I was dating J with a few of the guys who can easily tell E - actually thats not that big of a deal because I was open about it. But I am in C's wedding party, so is J. Still not too bad since E is not invited to the wedding. But M's birthday is next Saturday and J will be there. I can invite E but do I tell him about J and me? I know given the type of person E is and the type of person J is, E will hate J and question what was with ME that i would date someone like him.

E told me last week that he has never asked about my exes b/c he has done that before to a couple of his exes and his reaction was to lose respect for the girl, distance himself, and break up with her. He said something about jealousy being a factor. He said he could never look at the girl the same. So do I risk telling him and him not wanting to be with me anymore (he has SO many of the qualities I want LT in a mate) or do I invite him to the party (he will expect an invite) and risk he find out from someone else either at the party or near the wedding (A or N may tell him J and I are in he wedding party together, and there are too many people who knows bits and pieces of this story for me to try to keep it quiet) and feel humiliated and be mad at me anyway (we are 26 and 25 btw)?

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