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[QUOTE=untrusting;4128221] IOur most recent fight has resulted in alot of talk regarding seperating. I do not want this but she really seems to. Does anyone have any advice as to what I might be able to do here. I would love to avoid this seperation and know I have to change but also would like her to be a little more compasionate about my trust issues.[/QUOTE]

Hard to say. It sounds like it's already too late. What you need to understand is that a person can only put up with being accused of something they're not doing for so long before they've had enough. And it sounds to me like she has had enough.

I'm just curious, all the while you've been accusing her and giving her the third degree about her whereabouts, wasn't there a thought somewhere in the back of your mind that perhaps one of these times she would get tired of getting questioned every time she walks through tht door and therefore leave you? I'm really curious whether you thought you could continue treating her that way without reprecussions or if you ever thought that maybe she might get sick of it?

What if the situation were reversed and you were totally innocent but she repeatedly and as often with as much vigor as you have, questioned your every move every time you came home. How would that make you feel? Would you eventually grow tired of it and want to leave her? Can you understand now where she is coming from?

Why do you have such trust issues? What happened to you to make you this way? I think it's time you got some counseling for your problem. Even if you end up getting a divorce in the end, the issues you have with insecurity and abandonment still need to be resolved. Otherwise you'll carry that into your next relationship and the exact same thing will happen all over again.

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