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I've got a problem with my boyfriend of almost 5 years and was wondering if anyone out there had any advice for me.
I was made redundant a year ago (a year after he moved in with me) and we agreed to use my pay-off to clear his car loan (15K) and some of his other debts (another 8K) so he could support me while I went back to Uni to study for the degree I've always wanted to do.
Well, I've started uni, volunteer the required hours a week to stay on my course and have been doing extra courses on top of that. I'm on benefits atm because my DR doesn't think I'm ready to be in a full-time job (not that I'd have time anyway) so I'm living on next to nothing and working really hard on my studies.
We were out with friends last week and my partner announced that he's thinking of moving out because he'd be better off and I'd get more benefits.
He's been away for the last week but mentioned it again tonight. I tried to explain that it would totally ruin me if he left because any benefits I got wouldn't cover the mortgage/bills etc that I'd still have to pay.
He just keeps saying that at least if I was alone I'd get my uni fees paid and he'd not have to pay for the stuff we've got in storage anymore.
How can I make him see this doesn't make sense?
If he leaves I'll lose everything. Can't see a hostel taking me and my 3 cats and a dog and what will happen to all my stuff?
Feel like such a mug. We had an agreement and now he thinks leaving me is the answer to his money worries. All it will do is destroy us and eventually destroy me.
Thoughts anyone?

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