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I haven't read through this entire post yet, but one thing I have noticed is that a lot of people with this problem (and a lot of people have this problem) think everyone just cares about their looks, but then they are looking for partners that have good looks. It's kind of like a guy saying "I can't get any girls," but the only girls he is interested in are the very good-looking ones, and he doesn't pay attention to the other girls that are giving him signals of interest that aren't as good-looking, or he says "she's not my type". Could that be true of you as well?

Also, the things you mentioned are not that big of a deal. Hair loss, skin imperfections... many, many people have these physical "problems" and it by no means means that someone is ugly. Most people are normal looking - some good traits, some imperfections. The only people that don't have moles or a hairy chest and a perfect body are models, and those are few and far between.

I was always a believer that beauty starts from the inside.. When I was thinner guys wanted to date me because I looked good, not because of who I was and what I was all about which I found sooooo insulting! They didn't want to get to know the "real me" and I hated that!

The guys that I liked and still do were not good looking at all, I was more attracted to their good heart, intelligence, and their quiet ways. And they happened to be bald or balding as well which I hardly even noticed.

Imagine if you did look like the most handsome guy, hollywood type, model type, whatever.. Ask yourself this? Would you want girls to be attracted to you just because of how you looked (meaning they were not interested in the "real you?"). They wouldn't give a hoot regarding your needs, wouldn't want to get to know your inner thoughts, feelings, your views, morals, etc.

Bottom line: all these girls would care about is dating someone who looked Hollywoodish.. Is that what you really want?


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